Capability | Greenway Pepper


  • Wire Test
    Wire Test
    Greenway Pepper manufactures the complete solution. We have design capabilities right through to assembly. The components shown are wire test mating parts with switch probe sensors used in the automotive industry.
  • Medical Sector
    Medical Sector
    Greenway Pepper manufactures in all different types of materials. Above is a part from the medical science sectorand is machined from glass filled PTFE material. Using the latest cutting technology we are able to offer the customer an end solution to their machining problems.
  • CNC Turning
    CNC Turning
    Greenway Pepper uses the latest technology in CNC turning and can offer small to large batch qtys with a degree of complexity. Above are various components manufactured on a “one hit” method, cutting costly second operations out.
  • Innovative Solutions
    Innovative Solutions
    Greenway Pepper” listens” to the customer. Above are components which were designed and produced after careful evaluation of a customers problem. After delivery these items replaced the existing series of more costly and complex components and outperformed them in both durability and longevity.
  • Catering for all Industries
    Catering for all Industries
    Greenway Pepper caters for all industries .From open toleranced general machine parts to high precision scientific and medical goods. If items specify a certain finish, then “in house” cleaning and deburring ensures all control matters are carried out to customer standards.
  • Quality & Reliability
    Quality & Reliability
    Greenway Pepper has a reliable and long established workforce which recognises customer needs. Around the clock production ensures delivery deadlines are met and that finished items are sent with a seal of quality.
  • Flexibility is Key
    Flexibility is Key
    Capacity comes in the shape of VMC and CNC milling and turning centres, which have envelopes of up to 1m x 500 milling and from 10 – 300 mm in turning diameter…. all cam linked.
  • The Latest Technology
    The Latest Technology
    Using the latest CadCam software we can convert all forms of files from computer to machine . From Step, DXF, IGES and Solid models we can produce engineering programs and Drgs , allowing reduced cycle times from design to manufacture. The parts above were developed using  5 axis software.
  • High Standards
    High Standards
    Greenway Peppers commitment to quality has given its customers peace of mind. From the moment an order is processed through to production and final dispatch, you can be assured that your components are met with the highest of standards.